Employment Practices & Code of Conduct

Employment Practices & Code of Conduct

HomeWorks Tri-County’s vision is to be our customers' connection to tomorrow's choices. To achieve this, we must be enthusiastic, empathetic, educated and efficient. For more details, read the Employee Code of Conduct.

Therefore, as employees of HomeWorks Tri-County:

  • We know our jobs and will assist others in working in a safe and efficient manner. We are open to training and new tasks. We hold as confidential information about the Cooperative, its employees and directors. We know and follow the operational rules, policies and procedures of the Cooperative.
  • We are committed to excellence in job performance; we produce top quality work and expect the best from others and ourselves. We produce meaningful results in a timely manner.
  • We accept and support change, are flexible, and look at change as an opportunity to continually improve.
  • We find ways to make each customer contact result in a positive experience. We exceed customer expectations, surprising and delighting the customer. We look for new opportunities to serve the customer.
  • We do whatever is necessary to help our team and HomeWorks Tri-County achieve goals. We present a positive attitude to customers and co-workers, and respect their dignity, position, and rights.
  • We communicate directly, effectively and with empathy for the other person's feelings. We listen to the other person without interpreting or interrupting.
  • We initiate and take responsibility/accountability for our own actions. We participate actively in team and company work activities.
  • We project a professional, positive image through our appearance, conduct and attendance. We individually and collectively perform loyal and efficient service and will use our influence and best efforts to protect the property of the Cooperative, its interests, and its image, and cooperate at all times with the Cooperative and its employees to this end.
  • We work for our members, who pay every bill for the tools we use, and pay every dollar of our salaries. We treat HomeWorks property - technology, vehicles, tools. and budget - as if it is our own.
  • We believe in the Cooperative Principles, including "Concern for Community," and we volunteer in our own communities to help improve the quality of life.
  • We understand that safety is each and every employee's personal responsibility. There is no operating condition which justifies any employee not putting safety first in the performance of our work. Safety for my self, my fellow employees, our members, and the general public must come first.

HomeWorks Safety Triangle chart

For additional reference, here are the seven Cooperative Principles under which we, and all cooperatives, operate:
The 7 Cooperative Principles, with brief explanations

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