Who to Contact at HomeWorks

Who to Contact at HomeWorks


If you have any questions, start by asking your supervisor.

For more specific questions, these are some common contacts.

Human Resources/Benefits/Business Travel:

Denise Weeks, Administrative Assistant – dweeks @ homeworks.org  517-647-1211


Pat Simmer, Chief Financial Officer/Manager of Finance - psimmer @ homeworks.org  517-647-1287

Communications (Country Lines/Facebook/homeworks.org):

Jayne Graham, Manager of Communications - jgraham @ homeworks.org  517-647-1252

Wellness Program/People Fund:

Tanya Schneider, Staff Assistant, tschneider @ homeworks.org  517-647-1218

Tech Support: helpdesk @ homeworks.org

Information Technology (IT):

Tom Manting, Manager of Information Technology - tmanting @ homeworks.org  517-647-1236

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